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Art Centre Membership Agreement (Artists in the Black Resource)

This sample Art Centre Membership Agreement should be used when a non-profit Indigenous Art Centre operated for the benefit of Indigenous artists in its local community (such as a centre run by a Land Council or an Indigenous Corporation) represents Indigenous artists in connection with the sale of their artwork…

Artist in Residence Agreement

This sample Artist in Residence Agreement should be used where an artist/writer/craftsperson has been granted permission to use a studio or other type of residency accommodation, whether live-in or not, and often pursuant to a funding grant. The artist is primarily left to his/her own means and

Artist/Gallery Agency Agreement

This sample Artist/Gallery Agency Agreement can be used when an artist wishes to enter into a long term relationship with a gallery where the Gallery acts as an agent for the exhibition, sale or promotion of the Artist’s artwork. The Artist must determine the extent to which the

Artwork Consignment for Sale Agreement

This sample Artwork Consignment for Sale Agreement should be used when an artist allows a gallery to exhibit and sell works for a set period, in exchange for which the gallery deducts a commission on works sold and returns those that are not sold at the end of the consignment…

Artwork Touring Agreement

This sample Gallery and Touring Agency Agreement can be used when a person or organisation is organising and managing an exhibition which will be shown in a gallery, where the gallery hasn't played a role in curating or developing the exhibition. Artists and galleries contributing work to an exhibition should…

Auspice Agreement

This sample Auspice Agreement should be used when a group of individuals who are not incorporated want to apply for funding from a funding body that will only fund incorporated organisations (eg. co-operatives, incorporated associations, companies or companies limited by guarantee). Being auspiced by an incorporated organisation is a way…

Band Partnership Deed

This sample Band Partnership Deed is designed to be used where a group of performers either wishes to join together and form a band, or already exist as a band and they want to formalise and document the terms on which they work together. This template is an alternative to…

Band Partnership Letter agreement

Together with Allens Linklaters, Arts Law has developed this short form band agreement that can be used when a band wants a basic straightforward record of how they want to work together, who owns the music they make and how they will share expenses and income. The template is essentially…

Collaboration Agreement: Visiting Artist (Artists in the Black Resource)

This sample Collaboration Agreement –Visiting Artist should be used when an Indigenous community art centre invites an external non-Indigenous artist to the arts centre to work collaboratively with the art centre’s artists (Local artists) to create a body of work. The existing skills and artistic practices of the visiting

Commissioning Agreement: Private or Commercial Visual Artwork

This sample Design and Commission Agreement should be used when a visual artist is commissioned to design and create an artwork for private or commercial purposes. If the artwork is a public work, Arts Law’s Public Art: Design and Commission Agreement is more appropriate. Similarly, the Public Art: Design

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