28 November
Art Sale to support Arts Law 2019. Photo by George Zeaiter

Art Sale to support Arts Law

This October Arts Law held our biennial Art Sale Fundraising event.

We presented an exclusive selection of incredible artworks from across Australia. Arts Law sourced work from eighteen Indigenous Art Centres, The Australian Design Centre in Sydney and 70 different artists and makers!

The catalogue featured works from prominent artists and art centres from around Australia including, Bronwyn Bancroft, Sally Mulda, Warmun Art Centre, Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Boomalli and many more.

The Art Sale made $45,000 in sales, raising over $17,000 for Arts Law to continue our services and giving back $27,500 to artists across Australia.

Through purchasing any of the beautiful art works, our buyers were not only supporting artists and their communities, they were also helping Arts Law continue our work into 2020 and beyond.

For more than three decades, Australian artists in need of legal advice have turned to Arts Law. Arts Law assists more than 5,000 artists each year to protect their work and better understand their rights. Events such as this allow us to showcase the incredible work of the creative communities which Arts Law serves and helps us continue our mission to empower these communities through the law.   

Thank you to our generous hosts at 6 St James Hall Chambers, contributing art centres and artists and of course to all our guests and buyers.