31 March
Arts Law Solicitor Jennifer Arnup. Photo by Kautilya Velpula 2015

Arts Law and Kino!

Kino Sydney is a great organisation that holds open film nights once a month at 107 Projects, Redfern in Sydney. It's a fantastic opportunity to get your short film seen by an audience, get their reactions and feedback and make connections in the filmmakers industry. 

Arts Law went along to the #104 Open Screen Film Night in March 2015 to give a short presentation on the importance of knowing your legal rights and the ways you can avoid common legal pitfalls when making work (including disputes around crediting, contracts, cast and crew fees and copyright). We've also put together two very useful packs of contract templates that filmmakers need – one pack for low budgets (Option A) and one for no budgets (Option B). These packs include 8 contract templates that you can purchase once and adapt for every other time you embark on creating a film. Check them out here!

Thanks to Kino for having us along!

Arts Law Marketing Coordinator Sophie Byrne, Graduate Intern Seb Tonkin and Solicitor Jennifer Arnup. Photo by Kautilya Velpula 2015