17 October

WetlandCare Australia on the National Art and Photography Competition

Arts Law maintains an ongoing watch over contractual obligations and terms and conditions of competitions and prizes for artists in Australia and internationally.  Art Law often contacts the sponsors of these competitions and prizes urging them to amend their terms and conditions to be fairer to entrants, especially where copyright and moral rights are affected. 

We didn’t have to do anything when we looked at the WetlandCare Australia National Art and Photography Competition license rights and terms and conditions.  It doesn’t take any more from the artists and photographers entering the competition than it needs to, and we couldn’t find anything unfair hidden in the small print.  Rights are licensed on a non-exclusive basis only by prize winners who allow their winning entry to be used to promote WetlandCare Australia projects, media and promotions and to develop products for fundraising and promotion by WetlandCare Australia.  Unsuccessful entrants don’t give up anything, and all entrants will always be acknowledged for their work.

Well done WetlandCare Australia!!

Link to the competition: http://www.wetlandcare.com.au/index.php/news/news-archive/httpwww-wetlandcare-com-auindex-phpcid547/

5 stars