5 December

Arts Law in discussions with Tropfest

Arts Law advocates strongly for fairer competition terms and conditions for artists.  Arts Law believes that a balance between the commercial needs of competitions and the protection of artists’ rights can be achieved, and works to promote best practice models to competition organisers.

Arts Law has recently been talking with Tropfest about its 2013 film competition terms and conditions.  Arts Law is a big fan of Tropfest and the opportunities it provides to filmmakers around Australia.  Arts Law is also supportive of the work Tropfest has undertaken to make its competition terms and conditions fair and transparent. Arts Law is however concerned with:

  1. the exclusive licence finalists must give to Tropfest in perpetuity (meaning forever), and
  2. the moral rights waiver Tropfest requests from all entrants.

Arts Law has taken its concerns to Tropfest and is currently in discussions with them about amending the 2013 film competition terms and conditions. 

We’ll keep you posted!!


For more information about competition terms and conditions and artist's rights see: