8 January

Dreamtime at the ‘G guernsey design competition not so nice for artists

Richmond Football Club's guernsey design competition is not so nice for artists rights!  The competition is open to emerging Indigenous artists to create a 'Dreamtime' design to be featured on the Tiger's guernsey for the Dreamtime at the 'G clash with Essendon in May 2013. 

The very brief terms and conditions state that:

  1. match guernseys and jumpers featuring the winning design will be sold in the Club's retail stores and online, but the artist will not receive any commission from sales 
  2. proceeds of sales of the match guernseys (but not the jumpers) will go to support the Club's Indigenous Centre, the Korin Gamadji Institute
  3. the artwork designs of the winner and all shortlisted entrants will also become the property of the Club (meaning the winner and shortlisted entrants won't get the submitted copy of their design back).

As the creator of the design, the artist is the copyright owner of that work (see Arts Law's Copyright information sheet).  It is hard to tell whether the Club is wanting a license or an assignment of the winning artist's copyright interest in the design, so it is unclear if the artist can reproduce the design for other purposes, can licence the design to other parties or is giving up his/her copyright interest in the design altogether (see Arts Law's Competition Conditions information sheet).

In addition, there is no mention the Club will attribute the artist for his/her design which would be a breach of the artist's moral rights if they weren't named as the creator (see Arts Law's Moral Rights information sheet).

Arts Law recommends artists contact Richmond Football Club for more information before entering this competition to confirm what rights they are being asked to give to the Club in exchange for 4 tickets and a signed match guernsey!

Dreamtime guernsey design competition flier can be viewed here.