Arts Law and Arts Northern Rivers: Bangalow Workshop and Advice Clinic

Aug 25
 Event Date:
25th August 2016
 Event Time:
 Event Location:
Bangalow RSL Hall
13-15 Station St,
Bangalow NSW 2479
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10am - 12pm: Copyright, Contracts and your rights

Creating art often means creating copyright. Arts Law will walk you through owning and using your copyright, as well as creating copyright with other people and will talk about what happens if someone uses your copyright without your permission. This session uses practical examples, case studies from artists’ experiences and hypothetical scenarios to help make copyright accessible and, dare we say, fun for creatives.

The second half of the workshop will focus on contracts. Artists often enter into contracts without being completely comfortable with what it all means for them. This session will take you through what a contract is, and some of the key issues artists often deal with when negotiating arts contracts.

Afternoon: Legal Advice Clinic

Arts Law will be able to provide FREE legal advice in our legal advice clinic. If you have a specific problem that you would like to discuss with a lawyer on any art form, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line Legal Advice Clinic: Arts Northern Rivers 26 Aug, your name and a one or two sentence description of your legal issue.

There are three legal advice clinics available from 12pm. We will book you into an appointment when we receive your email.

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