Artsource Advice Clinics - open for all artforms

Oct 20
 Event Date:
20th October 2016
 Event Time:
 Event Location:
King Street Arts Centre
357 - 365 Murray St,
Perth WA 6000
Artsource Advice Clinics - open for all artforms

If you have any questions about the law and how it relates to your art practice, or if you have a specific legal problem that you're trying to navigate, Artsource and Arts Law are holding ten legal advice clinics on Thursday 20 October at the King Street Arts Centre so you can talk face to face with a very experience arts lawyer. These clinics are open to all art forms.

Delwyn Everard is Arts Law's Director - Legal Services and she has over 20 years’ experience working for law firms in the US and Australia and in the public sector. A former principal of boutique Sydney IP law firm Spruson & Ferguson Lawyers, she has an extensive background in copyright and trademark litigation. Delwyn is passionate about equipping artists with the skills and knowledge to understand their rights and negotiate a fair reward for their creative endeavours.

If you would like to book in to one of the following appointments, please email [email protected] with your name, contact details and preferred appointment time, or call Arts Law on 02 9356 2566.

Session one 11.00 – 11.40am
Session two 11.45 – 12.25pm
Session three 12.30pm – 1.10pm

Session four 1.15pm – 1.55pm

Session five 3.00pm – 3.40pm
Session six 3.45pm – 4.25pm
Session seven 4.30pm – 5.10pm

Session eight 5.40pm – 6.20pm
Session nine 6.25pm – 7.05pm
Session ten 7.10pm – 7.50pm

The sessions are free to attend.

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