11 April

Free Workshops for Filmmakers in Darwin in May

The Arts Law Centre of Australia and Artists in the Black are presenting two free workshops for filmmakers in Darwin on Monday 12th of May.

Workshop One – 9:00 am – 10:30 am 

The Arts Law Centre of Australia will deliver a free workshop for filmmakers, multimedia artists, games designers and other creators and arts organisations on the basic legal issues arising for creatives working in both traditional formats and across multiple digital platforms.

The session will cover basic concepts of copyright, moral rights, contract and the unique challenges of working in the digital environment.  It will include case studies and the opportunity for questions

Workshop Two – 11:00am – 12:30pm – For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers and filmmakers that work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

At every stage of the filmmaking process the legal rights of all the film’s contributors need to be considered. From the director, producer, soundtrack composer, scriptwriter and actors just to name a few.

Before you go public, be it online, the big screen or enter a competition you need to make sure that you have copyright permission from everyone who has creatively contributed to your film. This process is referred to as ‘clearing copyright’ or getting ‘chain of title’ and Arts Law can help you handle this.

Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities and artists raises unique issues and imposes ethical and cultural responsibilities – Arts Law will cover the protocols for filmmakers in that situation. Other topics covered include: copyrigfht basics and the fine print of prizes and competitions

Venue: Executive Conference Room, Arts NT, First Floor, 9 – 11 Cavenagh Street, Darwin NT 0800

RSVP your attendance to To Arts Law at [email protected] or 02 9358 6475