Privacy & image rights
Competition conditions

This information sheet considers some issues you should consider before entering creative competitions.

Filming in Public Places

This information sheet outlines the legal issues film makers should consider when shooting in public places, including filming live performances and public figures, whether they are filming or recording copyright material (e.g. graffiti, logos, music) and whether their film may be defamatory.

Filming with a smartphone or hidden camera

Making films on a smartphone or using surveillance and listening devices raises important issues such as consent and privacy. This information sheet discusses what artists or arts organisations need to know when planning to film with a smartphone or hidden camera. 

Street photographer’s rights

Can I take a photograph in public that contains images of people I don’t know? Can I take a photo of a famous landmark or of the front of someone’s house and later sell it? Read on to find out!

Telling people’s stories on film

Film makers sometimes choose to base their stories on real events and real people. Documentaries are one example of film makers telling the stories of real people.

Unauthorised use of your image

This information sheet addresses unauthorised uses of your image, outlining that there is no specific law in Australia aimed at preventing this from happening. It suggests areas of law that may be used to try and stop an unauthorised use of your image.