Whether you're just starting out or have an established career in the industry, as a musician or composer, you'll face specific legal and business issues. Knowing where you stand with things like copyright, licensing, contracts, distribution, band partnerships and business structures is essential to protecting your work and building a sustainable businesss.

Contract Templates for Musicians

Music Essentials Pack

This pack is a discounted bundle of the four agreements below to make sure you're protecting all your rights as a musician, keeping your work profitable and your relationships with producers, other artists and session musicians above board.

Band Partnership Letter Agreement

You should have this in place to give your band a basic, straightforward record of how you want to work together, who owns the music you make and how you will share expenses and income.

Performer’s Release – Session Musician

If you use a session musician to play on your recordings this agreement ensures the copyright in the recording remains with the band.

Music Studio Recording Agreement for Unsigned Artists

Use if you, as an unsigned artist, are negotiating a booking with a recording studio. It can be used as a starting point for drafting an agreement or as a checklist to compare to the terms offered by the studio.

Image Reproduction Licence for Merchandise

You can use this agreement when a visual artist agrees to license an existing visual image (such as a painting, a print, a drawing, a photograph or a still multimedia image) for multiple reproduction (like on posters, t-shirts or for album artwork).


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