27 November

Music NSW’s X Festival: Do It Yourself Gigs!

X Festival: DIY Gigs is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in staging their own arts and performance‐based events. Covering all aspects of event management, the guide contains content and examples that are geared towards small and medium sized projects with limited budgets and resources. The information covers scenarios for indoor and outdoor events, as well as considerations for all‐ages, under‐18s and licensed shows. Whether you’re putting on shows or performances, exhibitions or openings, screenings or festivals, X Festival will equip you with all the information you need to help you organise a successful event.

X Festival: Do It Yourself Gigs is available to purchase now for $15.00. For single and or bulk orders click here.

Also make sure to check out Arts Law's Music Sample agreements & info sheets. The sample agreements have been created to assist low income creators and organisations in drafting contracts suitable for their needs. They are produced with explanatory notes and sample wording for each clause.