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Regional Arts Australia Summit “Arts and Edges” presented by Country Arts WA

8th October 2014

The Regional Arts Australia Summit: Arts & Edges offers a unique experience of forward-looking approaches. Be inspired, learn, teach, present, network and make a change. Share an experience of desert life and join the conversations shaping our future at Australia’s best connected Summit in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

This event is distinguished by the creative leaders who attend, attracted by the trusting environment of networking, collaboration and knowledge-sharing between artists, community volunteers, arts and cultural workers, community development managers and cultural leaders.  

The Summit will present edgy theatre, dance, music, visual arts, writing, film and digital media. A celebration outside the metropolitan boxes, the Summit showcases our vibrant cultures in regional Australia. Leading the edge of ideas, culture and art with experimental programs and boutique elements links great artists with national and international visitors.

See Arts Law solicitors in the following sessions:


Panel 12 – Using openness and freedom to an advantage in arts and cultural business


 In the last 15 years there has been an explosion of thought about copyright, intellectual property and sharing.

The internet is now a creative medium for artists, musicians, filmmakers as well as a worldwide marketplace.

This panel will discuss some examples of arts and cultural organisations using openness and freedom for success. Join a discussion of how we harness new technologies’ potential for infinite replication, transmission and sharing as features, not problems. 


Date:     Friday 17 October

Time:     3.30pm-4.45pm

Venue:   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


In Depth: Talking about Aboriginal Art Centres: what they are and what they are not.

Have you ever wondered how to we define an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander art centre? Would you like to know more about what is it that art centres do? Join this panel to find out and discuss why art centres are important. If you are thinking of creating, governing and sourcing funding for an Aboriginal art centre this panel is for you too.

This panel is hosted by The Aboriginal Art Centre Hub Western Australia (AACHWA)


Date:                 Saturday 18 October

Time:                11.15-12.30pm

Categories:        First Nations Arts and Culture, In Depth, Visual Art

Venue:              Goldfields Arts Centre – Music Ensemble Room


Arts Practice Power Up

Got an arts emergency? Need some preventative action? What about an arts fitness plan? Come and get ‘triaged’ into the right support for you and see your Arts Practice get Powered Up!

We arts people usually have to ask our own questions and find our own answers. Imagine a one-stop-shop for all your burning questions. Here is where you can find that special advice you need from experts and give your Arts Practice a Power Up!

Similar to hospital, delegates are invited to approach a triage reception area with a request for a power-up on a specific issue or project areas of practice. Our triage staff will diagnose your ‘emergency’, issue an elegant ‘arts prescription’ and send you to meet with the right specialist for your needs. Each session lasts a fixed time.

The experts are clustered into skill-groups to provide advice to delegates like you on an individual basis. The skill clusters are:

·         Governance, law & administration

·         Relationships, communication, and negotiation

·         Big picture, strategy, resourcing

·         Branding and presenting

·         Specialist or arts/industry hybrid areas


So don’t leave it until it is too late, bring your ‘emergency’ no matter how big or small to the Arts Power Up!


Dates & Times:                 Friday 17 October - 11.15am & 1.30pm

                  Saturday 18 October – 11.15am

Venue:                              Goldfields Arts Centre – Function Room 


Register here: Arts & Edges