WIPO’s Traditional Knowledge section

WIPO has a Traditional Knowledge section which has been working on a range of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Programs including: Intergovernmental committee on draft provisions for the protection of traditional cultural expressions, traditional knowledge and genetic resources. Creative heritage project. Database of existing codes, guidelines, practices which contains examples of codes, guidelines, policies, protocols and … Continued

UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Section

UNESCO has developed the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural heritage and provides useful resources relevant to the convention including a kit on intangible culutral heritage.

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

In addition to the development of the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the UNPFII has examined the issues of protection of Indigenous traditional knowledge through work of special rapporteur Michael Dodson.

UMI Arts

UMI Arts is the peak Indigenous arts and cultural organisation for Far North Queensland. Its mission is to operate an Indigenous organisation that assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to participate in the maintenance, preservation and protection of cultural identity.

The Push

The Push is a youth entertainment organisation. It provides information and support to young people in Victoria who wish to stage alcohol and drug free entertainment or to develop a career in the music industry. The Push has strong associations in the music industry.

Terri Janke and Company

Terri Janke is a leading international authority on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property. Terri Janke and Company's website links to useful publications.


Songlines is an Indigenous music corporation which aim is to preserve and promote Aboriginal music. It proposes different services and facilities to Indigenous musicians such as performance opportunities, professional support and recording studio.

Public Trustees

All States and territories have a government Public Trustee office which provides will drafting services. There are usually some fees attached to these services either up front or when the estate is administered if the Public Trustee is appointed the executor. Public Trustee (NSW) – NSW Trustee and Guardian Public Trustee (NT) Public Trustee (QLD) … Continued