8 May

Protecting Aboriginal Cultural Heritage: proposed reform in NSW

On the 29 September 2013 the NSW Government released a model for stand-alone Aboriginal Cultural Heritage (ACH) legislation. The model was developed in response to the recommendations provided by an independent ACH Reform Working Party in a paper titled Reforming the Cultural Heritage System in NSW.

Arts Law advises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and arts organisations through our Artists in the Black program and the protection of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP) is one of our key advocacy agendas.  This is an area where Arts Law has extensive experience and we welcome the introduction of stand-alone legislation in NSW. Naturally, when the NSW Government sought public feedback on the proposed model, Arts Law was pleased to comment.

The goal of Arts Law’s submission was to assist in providing the best possible options for protecting and managing Aboriginal culture and heritage in NSW and to highlight specific areas for refinement.  The feedback stage of the inquiry was completed on 28 March 2014, and the Government will now finalise its recommendations.  If changes to the legislation are agreed, there will be further opportunity for the public to review those provisions in a draft exposure Bill.

Arts Law's submission can be viewed here.

The proposed Government model can be viewed here and the Reforming the Cultural Heritage System in NSW paper can be viewed here.