21 March

Personal Property Securities

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), created under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth), is in force since 30 January 2012. The Australian Government has just issued a fact sheet entitled “Artists: What you should know about the PPS Register”, available from the PPSR website, to provide some general guidance to artists as to the operation of the PPSR. (Additional fact sheet Indigenous artist and art centres: What does the new law mean for you?)

The next issue of ART+law (available online early April 2012 to subscribers) will provide more information about the PPSR


9th March 2012

Arts Law Executive DIrector Robyn Ayres was recently interviewed by Wendy Frew from the Syndey Morning Herald about the impacts of the Personal Property Securities Act. Read the complete arrticle here.

In December 2011, Arts Law already alerted the arts community about the then upcoming changes resulting from the introduction of the Personal Preoperty Securities Act in January 2012. Read “Register or perish: the Personal Property Securities Act and its impact on art dealings” (ART+law December 2011) for an overview of the Act and its implications for artists.


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