9 August

Repeal of unfair WA intestacy laws comes into full effect

Great news! The repeal of unfair WA intestacy laws came into full effect on Wednesday 7 August 2013.

This is an advocacy victory for Arts Law and Aboriginal people in WA as the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Amendment Bill 2012 repeals part IV of the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act 1972 achieving parity at law for Aboriginal people who die intestate by bringing them under the same scheme of distributing intestate estates as non-Aboriginals.

Arts Law undertook extensive lobbying of the WA Government to repeal the laws and it has now paid off!

Arts Law must again thank Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Cultural Centre, Mowanjum Art Centre, Aboriginal Art Centre Hub WA and Herbert Smith Freehills for their support during this campaign.

For more information about the legislation and Arts Law's campaign see our Wills & Estates advocacy page.

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