30 November
Arts Law CEO Robyn Ayres

Roxanne Lorenz – Arts Law’s new solicitor!

We are thrilled that our former paralegal, Roxanne Lorenz, has been able to move into a secondee solicitor role at Arts Law thanks to the Australian Government Solicitor Sydney office (AGS). Arts Law has partnered with AGS in the past to host secondee's for short periods of time. This has been an excellent program for us and we have been lucky to have many excellent lawyers working from our offices.

Roxanne Lorenz joined Arts Law at the end of 2015 to work with us in the Paralegal role. At the end of 2016 Roxanne joined the AGS as a graduate solicitor and will now be on secondment full time working at Arts Law. We are a very under-resourced organisation and we have had less than four full time lawyers working on providing our legal advice in-house in 2016. Thanks to this generous support from AGS Roxanne will be able to work for Australia's artists in providing specialised legal advice. 

We are very grateful that not only will we be able to continue delivering our excellent legal services, but that Roxanne will continue to be part of Arts Law! Arts Law would like to thank AGS for their support, and in particular Megan Pitt who has helped build our ongoing partnership throughout the years.