Business structures, governance & tax
Artist and Gallery Agency Agreement

This sample agreement outlines what is needed when an Artist wishes to enter into a long term relationship with a Gallery where the Gallery acts as an agent.

Auspice Agreement

This sample agreement should be used by a group of individuals who are not incorporated and want to apply for funding from a funding body that will only fund incorporated organisations (like co-operatives, incorporated associations, companies or companies limited by guarantee).

Band Partnership Deed

This sample agreement outlines the formalisation of a pre-existing band or performers wishing to join together to form a band.

Band Partnership Letter agreement

This sample Band Partnership Letter Agreement should be used when members of a band want to record how their band will operate as between the various members.

This sample agreement includes the most common terms which the parties need to consider and agree to.

Film/Video Partnership Deed

This outlines what needs to be considered, both creatively and financially, when a partnership is formed to collaborate on a specific film or video project, and the parties agree to share all expenses, profits and losses associated with the film. Partners could be co-producers, or the producer and, for example, director or writer.

Indigenous Artist and Art Centre Agreement (Artists in the Black)

This sample Indigenous Artist and Art Centre Agreement should be used when a non-profit Indigenous Art Centre operated for the benefit of Indigenous artists in its local community (such as a centre run by a Land Council or an Indigenous Corporation) represents Indigenous artists in connection with the sale of their artwork (Artwork) and the management of their intellectual property. 

One-off Performance Partnership Deed

This sample deed should be used when a group of performers (dancers) want to form a partnership for the purpose of putting on a one-off show/project/performance.

Performer’s Ongoing Partnership Deed

A deed for a group of performers who want to form a partnership for the purpose of putting on more than one show/project/performance on an ongoing basis.

Sponsorship Agreement

This sample agreement should be used by artists or arts organisations when obtaining sponsorship for a particular event or activity, such as a festival, performance or exhibition.

Volunteer Consent Form

When engaging volunteers it is very important to have an agreement in writing which sets out your obligations, their obligations and creates a mutual understanding that the position will be unpaid.