Community Arts, Cult Dev, Festivals
Auspice Agreement

This sample agreement should be used by a group of individuals who are not incorporated and want to apply for funding from a funding body that will only fund incorporated organisations (like co-operatives, incorporated associations, companies or companies limited by guarantee).

Collaboration Agreement: Visiting Artist (Artists in the Black)

This sample Collaboration Agreement –Visiting Artist should be used when an Indigenous community art centre invites an external non-Indigenous artist to the arts centre to work collaboratively with the art centre’s artists (Local artists) to create a body of work. 

Collaboration Agreement: Volunteer Agreement (Artists in the Black)

Volunteers play an important role in nearly every collaborative art project whether making films, organising festivals or putting on a major exhibition. A written agreement is important to ensure the volunteer understands his or her responsibilities and the policies and protocols that must be respected.

Confidentiality Deed

This sample deed should be used in when a person enters into an agreement and requires confidential information to protect secrets, including ideas.

It explains how to protect ideas and outline the law of confidentiality.

Copyright Licensing Agreement

This sample Copyright Licensing Agreement should be used when a person who owns the copyright in creative content wishes to give permission to another person to use their content (whether a visual artwork, text, music, film or other content) in a particular way.

Creative Hub Participation Letter and Participation Agreement

The administering body of a Creative Hub in NSW can use this sample agreement to sub-licence space in a Creative Hub to an artistic pop-up project. It gives the individual or business a short term right to occupy space in the Creative Hub. 

Debt recovery - Letter of Demand

If you are owed money and it hasn't been paid, the first step is to send a letter of demand. This is a template which you can adapt.

Employment Agreement for Indigenous Art Centre Manager (Artists in the Black)

This sample Indigenous Art Centre Manager Employment Agreement should be used when an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Art Centre employs a person in the role of art centre manager.

This sample agreement includes the most common terms which the art centre (or the organisation operating the art centre) [Art Centre] and the employee manager [Manager] will need to consider and agree on.

NOTE: Arts Law strongly recommends legal advice be sought on the agreement you have drafted before you sign or rely upon the agreement. If the agreement is changed this may affect its legal accuracy. All changes should be checked with a lawyer. Contact us for legal advice here

Indigenous Artist and Art Centre Agreement (Artists in the Black)

This sample Indigenous Artist and Art Centre Agreement should be used when a non-profit Indigenous Art Centre operated for the benefit of Indigenous artists in its local community (such as a centre run by a Land Council or an Indigenous Corporation) represents Indigenous artists in connection with the sale of their artwork (Artwork) and the management of their intellectual property. 

Music Compilation Licence for Community Projects

This sample agreement outlines the arrangement between a community or a non-profit organisation and an unsigned artist in which the artist records songs for the first time for inclusion on a compilation album.

Occupancy Licence (Creative Hub)

This sample Occupancy Licence  is  modelled  on  the  successful  Renew  Newcastle  project in which an administrative body (such as a council or non-profit) connects artists, cultural projects and community groups with the owners of vacant buildings. It sets out the terms on which the Administering Body of the Creative Hub permits the artist or community project to occupy premises within the Creative Hub. It should be used in conjunction with the Participation Letter which is also available for FREE individual download below.

Occupancy Licence (Pop Up)

This sample Occupancy Licence (Pop-Up) sets out the terms on which a building owner directly agrees to allow an artist, cultural project or community group to occupy its empty premises for a short period.  Such arrangements nurture creative, artistic and cultural projects and bring life and energy to a local area. While the successful  Renew  Newcastle  project involved an administrative body (such as a council or non-profit) connecting artists, with the owners of vacant buildings, this agreement operates where there is no such overarching supervisory body.


Sample Website Terms of Use

These sample Website Terms of Use are for use on websites either with a blog (i.e. a public "discussion board" that allows users to post their comments for others to read and comment on) or a more traditional website without a blog.

Sponsorship Agreement

This sample agreement should be used by artists or arts organisations when obtaining sponsorship for a particular event or activity, such as a festival, performance or exhibition.

Venue Hire Agreement

This sample agreement can be used for hiring a place/space for short period of time.

Volunteer Consent Form

When engaging volunteers it is very important to have an agreement in writing which sets out your obligations, their obligations and creates a mutual understanding that the position will be unpaid.

Workshop Participation Deed

This sample WORKSHOP PARTICIPATION DEED should be used when a person takes part in a workshop in which they will create copyright material, for example by writing text, composing music, creating new dance movement or coming up with new lines for a play, and possibly performs the material created.