Sample Agreement

Sample Website Terms of Use

These sample Website Terms of Use are for use on websites either with a blog (i.e. a public "discussion board" that allows users to post their comments for others to read and comment on) or a more traditional website without a blog (i.e. a website where the website operator alone controls the content on the website, without user input).

These terms of use are not suitable for websites that:

  • allow other types of user generated content (e.g. uploading photos or audio and visual material); or
  • offer goods or services. This includes where goods or services are for sale as well as being provided free of charge (e.g. websites that provide free music downloads). 

Contact Arts Law if your website incorporates other types of user generated content or if you wish to offer goods or services through your website, as you might need to adapt these terms of use to your particular website, or you might require additional terms to cover the sale/offer of goods and services.

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