Arts Law in the City2Surf

Friends, artists, all those who believe in justice,

We know you know about the work we do at Arts Law. We know you know about our Fake Art Harms Culture campaign and that we offer legal advice free-of-charge to the nation’s creative community every day.

You may also know that in 2016 our CEO, Robyn Ayres, convinced her two daughters to run alongside her to raise money for Arts Law in the ultimate family fundraiser.

Inspired by their amazing efforts (raising over $2500), Team Arts Law has been joined by two of our amazing Arts Law student volunteers and one very unfit marketing coordinator who are prepared to run for your money!

Will you join Team Arts Law as they slip on their sneakers and run/walk/gasp their way towards the finish line in this year’s City2Surf? Every dollar means another artist can receive legal support, information and education. Every donation helps make the uphill battle of running a community legal centre and the uphill battle of literally running up a hill a little less tough!

Scroll down to donate, share this link! Don’t spare any guilt-tripping on ALL your social networks! Don’t spare any points, either!!!!

Together, let’s offer a little support to the artists who brighten our lives.

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Meet the Team

Robyn Ayres             Rose Ayres           Claudine Leslie


Emily Marsh         Sophie Byrne