Arts Law in the City2Surf

Arts Law is entering the 2018 City2Surf to raise money for Arts Law and Artists in the Black!

Your support is so important. In 2017, Arts Law assisted 5,376 artists protect their work and better understand their rights. We would not have been able to achieve this without the support of our generous donors. Every dollar amplifies our impact by enabling us to deliver essential legal assistance to more artists across Australia.

We have three runners this year, including two first-timers. Pick who you want to sponsor and enter their name in the field below.

Meet the runners


Robyn Ayres

No stranger to undertaking various physical feats to raise money for Arts Law, Robyn is running the City2Surf just before taking on a six-day trek in Central Australia.

Daniel Roe

Dan is the latest addition to our team of solicitors and was thrilled when the rest of the office volunteered him to run the City2Surf.

Clara Edwards

Clara admits that she won't be running this year but that's only because she will be accompanied by her daughter in a pram!