Law and Policy Reform

Arts Law aims to provide targeted, quality advocacy on law and policy reform for the benefit of the creative sector. This is done through:

  1. identification and prioritisation of legal issues affecting the arts community;
  2. research and making of submissions; 
  3. development of relationships with the government, media, arts sector and other relevant bodies; and
  4. lobbying to influence the decision making of government and other bodies.

Arts Law’s advocacy work is informed through being unique in the service we provide, straddling the worlds of both art and law and representing a large group of Australian artists.  In undertaking advocacy on law and policy reform, Arts Law’s goal is to increase the rights afforded to artists and promote their ability to access those rights. Information and submissions concerning Arts Law’s advocacy work in relation to specific issues can be found in the Category listings. 

Recent advocacy projects:

Fake Art Harms Culture Campaign: inauthentic art inquiry Fake Art Harms Culture Campaign: inauthentic art inquiry
19th September 2017

Arts Law launched the Fake Art Harms Culture campaign in 2016, along with the Indigenous Art Code and the Copyright Agency. The campaign aims to stop the sale of inauthentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander products and merchandise in Australia, as it harms culture, an income stream for artists and consumers. more

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