Darwin Art Fair Foundation in collaboration with Arts Law

Arts Law is collaborating with the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair Foundation (DAAFF) on the development of various resources for Indigenous artists, art centres and arts organisations for use when engaging, or considering engaging, with a designer or fashion house in developing an artist’s images on textiles and fashion items. IP Australia is also a key partner … Continued

PRIZE REVIEW: 2021 Portrait of a Senior Territorian Art Award

About  Arts Law regularly reviews the terms and conditions of competitions and rates them out of five stars. Our review looks broadly at the terms and conditions of a competition. In particular, we look closely at how a competition deals with an entrant’s copyright and moral rights and consider this in light of the prize.  Entrants should always consider the possible profile-raising which may result from being … Continued

Congratulations Roxanne Lorenz, Senior Solicitor

Arts Law is proud to announce that Roxanne Lorenz has been promoted to the role of Senior Solicitor. Roxanne is a valuable member of the team who has been a part of the Arts Law family for many years. Roxanne understands the commercial realities for creators and creative organisations protecting their intellectual property with first-hand … Continued

Fake Art Harms Culture – updates and the National Indigenous Visual Art Action Plan

Since 2016, following representations by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members and artists, key peak bodies, the Arts Law Centre of Australia, Indigenous Art Code and Copyright Agency began to explore how to best respond to concerns about the growing presence of inauthentic ‘Aboriginal style’ art and craft products and merchandise for sale across … Continued

Arts Law advocating for better protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage

Indigenous Cultural Heritage Laws: update on Juukan Gorge Inquiry and Arts Law’s Response to the Western Australia Bill  As part of the law and policy reform work Arts Law does to advocate for better legal conditions for artists, we have been lobbying Government to better protect Indigenous cultural heritage. This area of law can be … Continued

Cyber Security Awareness

October is Cyber Security Awareness month. A good time to be reminded of our cyber security needs, especially as we’re all receiving more and more fake emails and texts to track deliveries, take up marketing offers and what not.  Cyber scams such as ransomware are on the rise with hackers gaining control of your data … Continued

PRIZE REVIEW: yapang Emerging Art Prize 2021

Arts Law regularly reviews the terms and conditions of competitions and rates them out of five stars. Our review looks broadly at the terms and conditions of a competition. In particular, we look closely at how a competition deals with an entrant’s copyright and moral rights, and consider this in light of the prize.  Entrants … Continued

What new defamation ruling means for your social media

What does the recent ‘Voller’ defamation case mean for your social media pages?  A recent decision in the High Court has clear implications for social media users and organisations who run social media pages.  Dylan Voller became known to the public after he and others were mistreated in a youth detention facility in the Northern Territory. The mistreatment was documented in … Continued

SUBMISSION: Strengthening Australia’s Cyber Security Regulations and Incentives

Arts Law has made a submission to the Cyber, Digital and Technology Division of the Department of Home Affairs, who are currently investigating ways to strengthen Australia’s cyber security regulations and incentives to make Australia’s digital economy more resilient to cyber security threats. This work forms part of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020. Arts Law’s submission raises issues around … Continued