Significant new government report confirms that Fake Art Harms Culture

“Inauthentic arts and crafts … disrespect and misrepresent culture and, by misleading consumers and denting confidence in the market, they deprive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists of income.” This is one of the major findings from a new draft report by the Productivity Commission on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts.   … Continued

New Indigenous Consultancy template

One way to shine a spotlight on Indigenous issues, is though films, books and theatrical works.   If you’re an author or film maker or other creative, looking to engage a First Nations person to help you authentically and accurately describe Indigenous customs, persons or events, Arts Law has a new template agreement that you can … Continued

It’s tax time! Super rules have changed for low-income workers

It’s that time of the year when employers and employees are completing their tax returns. Remember: there have been a few changes to superannuation rules.  In February 2022, we updated you on changes to superannuation that were coming on 1 July 2022. Now that we’re here, here’s a quick refresher on the law and how it’s … Continued

We have simplified our Copyright Licence template!

Has someone approached you about using your artwork? Do they want to put it on a billboard or their website? How about on their mugs and T-shirts? Arts Law has a new simplified Copyright Licence template that you can use in these situations here. If you own the copyright in an artwork, you have the … Continued

PRIZE REVIEW: AFL SportsReady First Nations Design Competition

This month, Arts Law has reviewed the terms and conditions of the AFL SportsReady First Nations Design Competition (the Competition) in Australia. Read the terms and conditions (T&Cs) of this competition here.  The deadline for this competition is 1 August 2022.  What is the rating?  Arts Law has awarded the competition 3 stars out of 5. … Continued

New contract templates for music collaborations and commissions

Are you a musician that’s been asked to write some music or would you like to commission someone to write a piece of music for you? It could be music to accompany a live performance, or a memorable jingle for a business or brand, or for the local dance school.  If that sounds like you, … Continued

Know Your Rights: FREE webinar series

Copyright can be complicated, do you know your rights? What about arts contracts and making sure you get the best deal?  Arts Law is presenting a series of webinars and Law Chat clinics to empower you to Know Your Rights. We’ll talk about copyright, protecting your work online, how to read that contract and Indigenous … Continued

Vale Frank Moorhouse

Arts Law has been deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Frank Moorhouse. Respected author, essayist and champion of artists rights, Frank Moorhouse, served as one of the original Arts Law Council of Patrons when the council was established in 2003. The Council raised the profile of Arts Law within the broader community and … Continued