Meta AI: The use of Facebook and Instagram content to train generative AI

Many artists use social media, including Facebook and Instagram, to promote their art and advertise their services.  They upload their art and share it publicly.  However, some artists are not aware of the terms and conditions – what licences and permissions are they giving (or have they already given) to the platform to use their … Continued

PRIZE REVIEW: Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2024 

This month, Arts Law has reviewed the terms and conditions of the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2024 in New South Wales. Read the terms and conditions of this competition here.   The deadline for this competition is 30 June 2024.  What is the rating?  Arts Law has awarded the competition 4.5 stars out of 5. Congratulations to … Continued

Have your say about copyright and generative AI

Copyright and Artificial Intelligence Roundtable Update: Attorney General’s Department seeks information from rightsholders. The Attorney-General’s Department is seeking information from stakeholders on how copyright materials (images and text including artwork, books and so on), are currently being used, or could be used, in Australia as inputs for generative AI systems or tools. As participants in … Continued

Now More Than Ever – reconciliation and ICIP

Now More Than Ever is the theme for Reconciliation Week 2024. As described by Reconciliation Australia, this theme is a reminder that for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the fight for their rights will (and must) continue. This includes their rights to culture, creative expression and knowledge, self-determination, acknowledgement and the right to generate … Continued

A new international treaty at the intersection of traditional knowledge and patent law

This month the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO’s) Intergovernmental Committee on Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions, Genetic Resources and Folklore (IGC) agreed to a historic new international treaty addressing patents and Indigenous People’s traditional knowledge. The new treaty is a legal instrument to “enhance the efficacy, transparency and quality of the patent system” to “prevent … Continued

Reconciliation in action on the international stage

As a fitting embodiment of the persistence and compromise necessary for reconciliation in action, a new international treaty about patents, genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge has been achieved. The extraordinary efforts of Indigenous peoples from around the world was key to the outcome. Along with 1,200 registered delegates and 90 accredited observer organisations, Arts … Continued

There are 2970 Reasons to Donate to Arts Law this EOFY

After receiving well over three thousand requests for help from artists and organisations in 2023, Arts Law supported clients through 2,970 legal issues. This year is on track to blow past that, underscoring both the need for legal advice amongst artists and their awareness of its importance. At the same time, help has never been … Continued

Arts Law Visits Art Centres in the Top End

Arts Law has been on the road in May, visiting Injalak Arts at Gunbulanya in the Northern Territory. The art centre, set by a beautiful lagoon, can only be accessed by traversing Cahills Crossing when travelling there by road from Darwin or Jabiru, a section of the drive which is famous for the crocodiles that … Continued