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Artists in the Black is a non-government service that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, filmmakers, musicians and arts organisations with legal advice and resources.

Donna Robinson with artists screen printing in studio at Yarrabah art centre. Photo by Bernie Singleton 2021.
Rachel Maza

When Art and Law Collides: Ilbijerri Theatre Company Story

Actress and director Rachael Maza talks about the history of Ilbijerri Theatre Company, her approach to collaboration and the potential complexity sometimes involved in negotiating a fair contract between artists involved in a production.

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Meet our team

Find out more about our AITB team. Director of AITB Legal and Senior Solicitor Donna Robinson, AITB Coordinator Jo-Anne Driessens and AITB Paralegal Jack Howard.

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Did you know…

in the black [phrase]: to be profitable; making a profit

Artists in the Black was named by two Aboriginal women, the first AITB Coordinator Blanch Lake and AITB Lawyer Samantha Joseph, back in 2004. We support artists to build sustainable, profitable arts practices.

How we speak up for arts and culture

As Australia’s only community legal centre for the arts we are in a unique position to connect the arts world and legal community. Arts Law’s powerful voice comes from our experience working with Australian artists for over 38 years.

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