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Legal Advice

Arts Law | Artists in the Black is a must have service for all artists. The help, guidance and expertise that they provide is what you need to help protect your Art.
Stephen Hogarth, Indigenous Artist, Queensland

Artists in the Black helps visual artists, musicians, performers, writers, and other cultural practitioners. We can give you advice about issues relating to your practice or creative business.

Our legal advice is given over the phone in a private one-on-one call. You’ll be able to ask the lawyer questions and get professional legal advice about your situation.


Are you an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artist? Do you have a will or need to update your will? As part of our service, Arts Law can assist with drafting your will so you can preserve your legacy and have control over what happens to your art, copyright, money and other assets when you pass away.

Find out more about why it’s important to have a will in this video.


These are some of our most popular resources. If these resources are not what you are looking for, you can find more here.

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Mandy Davis Arts Law Case Study: Copyright and Moral Rights Infringement