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We can assist with drafting your will so you can preserve your legacy and have control over what happens to your art, copyright, money and other assets when you pass away.

Why is it Important to Have a Will?

A will is a document in which you set out what you would like to happen to your property after you pass away. You can decide who gets to keep property, like money or your artworks, and legal rights, like your copyright.

Having a will allows you to make decisions about what happens with your things (like your art and copyright) when you pass away. Copyright lasts for your lifetime plus another 70 years, so your will can talk about who will look after your copyright when you’re no longer around. Your will helps the special people in your life follow your wishes and work out how to share your things with less stress.

Arts Law’s Wills Project makes free wills for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. We also aim to educate artists about wills and why they are important.

Arts Law can also help if an artist in your family has passed away. Contact us to find out more.

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A Tale of Two Families

This video will explain what happens when you pass away without a will and show you how making sure you have a will in place can help your family and community understand your wishes.

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