Subscriber terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to you (the Subscriber) when you purchase a subscription to the Arts Law Centre of Australia (Arts Law):

  1. The Subscriber acknowledges that Arts Law does not:
    1. represent clients in litigation, arbitration or mediation proceedings;
    2. negotiate contracts or other deals on behalf of clients; or
    3. draft contracts or other documents except in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Subject to paragraph 3, Arts Law agrees that legal advice will be given only by lawyers who are qualified solicitors or barristers.
  3. The Subscriber understands that work may be done on a file by law students or paralegals but only under the supervision of a qualified lawyer.
  4. Arts Law agrees not to charge fees (including professional costs and office expenses) for any legal advice which it provides apart from the fees set out in paragraph 10, and any fee payable by the Subscriber for the purchase of Arts Law publications.
  5. The Subscriber understands that:
    1. Arts Law must avoid a conflict of interest. In order to do so, Arts Law may decline to advise the Subscriber in certain circumstances including where the Subscriber is in a dispute in which the other party to that dispute has made prior contact with Arts Law for legal advice. Where a conflict prevents Arts Law from advising a Subscriber, Arts Law may, in its absolute discretion, endeavor to source a pro bono consultation for the Subscriber with an external  law firm;
    2. Arts Law has an ‘artists first’ policy. Where a subscriber organisation seeks legal advice from Arts Law concerning a matter affecting the rights of an artist or artists, Arts Law may decline to advise the Subscriber organisation. In limited circumstances, and its absolute discretion, Arts Law may agree to provide the Subscriber organisation with best practice advice on a contract affecting the rights of artists.
  6. If Arts Law provides a referral to a lawyer on Arts Law’s panel of referral lawyers, the  Subscriber understands that the referral lawyer is completely independent of Arts Law. Any arrangement or advice or representation that the Subscriber makes with a referral lawyer will be in the nature of a commercial relationship between that referral lawyer and the Subscriber in a solicitor/client relationship. The Subscriber is solely responsible for the fees or charges of the referral lawyer and Arts Law is not liable to contribute or pay any amount whatsoever towards those fees and charges.
  7. The Subscriber is responsible for providing Arts Law with all documents and information relevant to the advice sought. Unless clearly stated in writing at the time of seeking advice, Arts Law will assume that all documents and other materials provided by the Subscriber are copies and that the Subscriber does not require their return. Arts Law will be entitled to dispose of such documents without notice to the Subscriber and will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage to such document if a request for its return has not been made within six months of Arts Law completing its advice or review.
  8. Arts Law will archive and keep closed files for seven years. It is entitled to destroy a file after that period without notice to the Subscriber.
  9. A Document Review Service is a single advice session with a lawyer which relates to the construction or interpretation of one or more related documents. If Arts Law determines that the documents provided by the Subscriber deal with separate legal issues, or the quantum of material provided exceeds the scope of a single advice session, Arts Law may notify the Subscriber that two or more Document Review Services are required.
  10. Upon payment of the annual subscription fee, each Subscriber who is eligible to receive Arts Law advice is entitled to one (1) Document Review sessions (DRS) and five (5) Telephone Legal Advice (TLA) sessions in the twelve month subscription period. During the subscription period, additional Document Review Service advice sessions are available for a fee of $100 each. There is no limit on the number of additional Document Review Services available during that subscription period.

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