Artists with disability

Artists Rights by Greg Sindel

Find out more about your rights, contracts, copyright and moral rights in these videos by illustrator Greg Sindel.

This series has been made in partnership with Studio A – a social enterprise arts studio dedicated to supporting neurodivergent artists.

Copyright by Greg Sindel

Moral Rights by Greg Sindel
Contracts by Greg Sindel

Artists Rights was supported by Create NSW and Westpac Foundation.

Raw Law – resources for artists with disability

What is Raw Law about?

Raw Law is a series of factsheets that explore the main legal issues for creative people who are presenting their work in public, produced by Arts Access Victoria with Arts Law and Middletons as legal partners. 

It is important for creative people to know what their legal rights are when producing and presenting their work, but it can be hard to know where to start. Raw Law provides simple, accessible legal information for people who experience major barriers to participating in the arts, including artists with a disability. 

You may find Raw Law useful if you are an artist, musician, writer, filmmaker or performer. 

Arts Access Victoria was funded by the Legal Services Board of Victoria to produce the Raw Law project, with legal assistance from the Arts Law Centre of Australia.