Legal Advice

Arts Law can provide legal advice to your organisation and your artists. Either fill out our legal query form or contact Arts Law.

Outreach and Education

Arts Law travels across the country visiting Art Centres and arts organisations in metro areas and regional and remote communities. We tailor education, legal assistance and wills services to the needs of the artists and arts organisation we are visiting. Would you like us to visit you? If so, please contact us as [email protected].

Wills and Intestacy

Arts Law also helps First Nations artists preserve their legacy and ensure that they are in control of where their art, copyright, money and other assets go when they pass away.

Unfortunately, artists sometimes pass away without having made a will (called passing away “intestate”). Arts Law has resources available to help families, Art Centres and others know what to do in this situation.

Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) Registration

Is your arts organisation registered on the PPCR? We can help you register your consignment agreements so that your member’s artworks are safe if a gallery goes out of business whilst holding their art.


Arts Law has chosen a few of our info sheets, template contracts and videos which we think are useful for arts organisations.

If these resources are not what you are looking for, Arts Law has other resources available on our Info Hub, or you can contact Arts Law for further assistance.

Top 5 Info Sheets

Top 5 Template Contracts

Artist/Art Centre Agreement Videos

Arts Law has been working with CAAMA to produce a video that explains our template Artist & Art Centre Agreement in English, as well as 17 First Nations languages. We hope this video will become a useful part of any Art Centre’s toolkit when signing up new artists.