Defamation Law Reforms

INCLUDING REAL PEOPLE IN YOUR ART OR TELLING THEIR STORIES? IMPORTANT CHANGES TO DEFAMATION LAW YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT.  Creators who represent real people in their work need to consider the risk of potential defamation claims. Defamation is a legal action available where an individual, not-for-profit organisation or a small corporation (with less than 10 employees) claims a communication has been made about them which is false, and capable of harming their reputation.  The law … Continued

Cyber Security: Know the Basics

Increasingly data and cyber security needs to be considered by everyone as it affects us all in our professional and personal lives.  We are constantly communicating via devices, commonly mobiles and computers.  These devices store the information we exchange and this information, or data, needs to be protected and managed.  The rapid pace of the … Continued

What you need to know about monetising online content

If you have a video on an online platform which has gone viral, you might be wondering how you could make money from this video. One option is to try and monetise the video yourself. Online video platforms, such as YouTube, have agreements where you can make a profit from ads being shown with your … Continued

Do you owe superannuation? Are you owed super? Then you should know about this deadline.

Are you an employer who is being kept up at night worried about the tax office catching up with you over unpaid super owed to your employees or contractors? Or perhaps you are an artist who believes they were entitled to super from an employee but were never paid? If so, then you should know about the Australian Tax Office’s (ATO’s) upcoming 7 September 2020 deadline for their superannuation guarantee amnesty.

Social media platforms’ rights to sub-licence images to third parties

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting large audiences with your content, whether that be your photographs, music or videos. It is important to be aware, however, that on such platforms you may be losing control over who uses your content and the way in which it is used.

Mosaics – Copyrights and Wrongs

Mosaics and copyright – what you need to know! As published in the Mosaic Association of Australia & New Zealand National emag – volume 11 August 2015.

Four things I wish I’d asked a lawyer… before I formed my band

Ivan Vizintin was Arts Law’s paralegal in 2015, responsible for administering legal queries from artists and arts organisations. He’s also a professional musician. Here, Ivan and Arts Law’s Senior Solicitor, Morris Averill, discuss the issues he wish he’d known about when he was first starting out. 

Choosing an Online Sales Service

The emergence of digital distribution platforms gives musicians new options when it comes to getting their music to an audience. Here, we compare  some of the offerings available.

Downloading Is Out; Streaming Is In

It’s a strange thought for most that that there are music consumers out there right now who have never purchased a physical album, whether it is the ever-durable CD, the stylish vinyl record or the “sorry, my Datsun only has a tape-deck” cassette.

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