Book a workshop

Arts Law runs tailored seminars and workshops for organisations to help their artists understand more about their rights.

We have been doing this for over 30 years and last year delivered more than 80 sessions nationally to over 2300 artists and arts workers.

We believe that the more artists know about their rights, the closer they get to protecting themselves in business and creating a sustainable arts practice.

Image Credit: Participants at KWM Wake Up workshop, Melbourne 2022. Photo by Jane Timbs. Courtesy KWM.
Elizabeth Djuttara – Weaving Pandanus Photo by Delwyn Everard

We’ll work with you

We’re open to working with you to create education that best meets the needs of your artists. Here are some ideas for education seminars you can run with Arts Law:

  • A session series running over a few weeks on all the essentials plus sector specific talks;
  • A two day series on copyright, contracts, and setting up and running an arts organisation; or
  • An introductory copyright law workshop for artists with some practical tips on dealing with copyright