9 May

WA Music Industry Association WAM Song of the Year Competition

Arts Law Congratulates the WA Music Industry Association on the WAM Song of the Year Competition

Arts Law often contacts the sponsors of arts prizes and competitions urging them to amend their terms and conditions so that they are fairer to entrants and don’t result in a ‘rights grab’ from artists who don’t end up winning anything. We didn’t have to do anything when we looked at the WAM Song of the Year competition terms. It doesn’t take any more from the musicians entering the competition than it needs to. We couldn’t find anything unfair hidden in the small print. Rights are licensed only by the  category nominees who allow their songs to be posted online for public voting and category winners whose songs may be included on the compilation CD. Unsuccessful entrants don’t give up any copyright-not even a licence.  Well done WA Music!!

5 stars