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There are several ways you can support Arts Law and the work we do for artists and the arts community of Australia.

Meet some of the artists we have helped

Director Legal Services Delwyn Everard and artist, photograph by Ian Morton 2016

1. Volunteer

Assist us by volunteering as a panel lawyer, note-taker or daytime volunteer.

2. Donate

Increasingly Arts Law needs your financial support to continue providing access to legal advice and resources for artists in Australia.

Every artist needs a Guardian Angel

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3. Adopt a Lawyer

The Adopt a Lawyer pro bono program partners Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community arts centres with an experienced law firm for period of three years, fostering partnerships that enable art centres to secure greater access to legal advice as well as building a closer relationship between law firms and Australia’s ancient Indigenous culture. Learn more about this great program and how to get involved.

Our Guardian Angels

$1,000 - $4,999

The Hon. Justice Margaret Beazley AO

The Hon. George Palmer AM QC

Dr Andrew Lu OAM

Susie Manfred

Julian Sexton SC 

Tobias Richardson

Enid Charlton 

Mark Stapleton

Electra Frost Accounting

Shane Simpson AM

Jeremy Storer

The Hon Peter Heerey QC

Carol Webster SC

Jane Needham SC

Michelle Gibbings

Brian Tucker

David and Judith Minty

Thank you to our supporters:

$500 - $999

Greer Simpkin

Elizabeth Laverty 

Mark Dempsey SC

Chaman Sidhu

Howard Insall SC

Mark Watson SC

David Studdy SC

Stephen Burley SC


$2 - $499

Carol Webster SC

Anthony Schmidt

Julie Fitzgerald

Lorraine Binnington

Jennifer Taranto 

Fern Smith

Carrie Follas

Mary Hill

Jane Ramsey

Michael McMahon

Peter Miller

Plummer & Smith              

John Szatkowski

Yuxuan Tang

Juanita Pope

Robyn Ayres

Neil Brown QC

James Duncan

Denis Stokes

Megan Brownlow

Renelle Richards

Miles Condon

Tamara Leerson

Lisa Bremner

Mark Lynch

Brenda Tronson

Glenn Crouch

Michele Kearns

Kristina Stern

Anthony Herro

Leslie Irwig

Lander & Rogers Lawyers               

David Higgs SC

Jacob Trindorfer

Marcus Freeman

Neil Brown QC

Uttam Mukherjee

Sally Morgan

Tony Sheffield

Rick Davies

Jennifer Goh

Patrick Balzen

Romano Crivici

Isabelle Hazell

Nicholas Dainty

Alison Whittaker

Philippa Abbott

Sharmila Shearing

Maureen Craig

Sharon Ayres

Megan Bryan

Sophie Byrne

Carlene Colahan

Chris Frommer

Judy Grady

Niklas Mather

Mary Jane McKerihan

Anthony O'Grady

David Robb

Lisa Villani

Mary Day

Virginia Gordon

Lilian Lee

Alison Leslie

Colleen Thorp

Harriett England

Jay Sanchez

Angela Prendergast

Hien Vy Cao

Victoria Wills

Gregory Burton SC

Eve Abbey

The Cultural Centre          

Abigail Carreon

John Campbell

Juliet Summers

Naughti-Kool Productions               

Celine Dubois

Gerald Sanyangore

The Hon Elizabeth Evatt AC

Peter Griffin

Brad Hosking

Mary Egan

Farzad Nooravi, Doongal Aboriginal Art 

Angela Marr-Grogan 

Tony Jones 

Stephanie Ross 

George Malaith 

Kathryn Lovejoy 

Carola Akindele-Obe

Natalie Brown 

Peter Miller

Gayle Reichelt

Rhadi Bryant 

Paula Stirland 

Natalie Buckett 

Michelle Hanna 

Frontyard Films 

Dr Ella Whateley 

Warrnambool Art Gallery 

Angelika Waesch 

Christopher Jervis 

Sophie Aked 

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts 

David Norris-Nicholas

Ian Bland 

Debra Hood

Moira Deslandes