Consignments and PPSR

Donna Robinson interviews Stephen Dodds on what’s involved in registration on the PPSR and the ramifications of registration.


There are two podcasts on the issues associated with consigning works to a gallery, having a contract, and registering the consignment.

Online works

This podcast is on legal issues to consider with the increasing promotion of artworks online by an art centre or gallery.

Copyright and moral rights

This podcast is on copyright and moral rights and contains an interview between Arts Law lawyers, Suzanne Derry and Donna Robinson.

Lock the Doors and Check the Windows

This podcast is an interview with Jane Supit on issues people need to keep in mind and suggestions for managing your data and cyber-security.

Employment and The Arts

In this podcast we talk about what it means to be an employee, the basic rights of an employee, termination of employment, and superannuation.

Licensing for Fashion and Textiles

We talk about licensing for Indigenous fashion projects and merchandise and things to think about when licensing for use in textiles broadly.

Online Galleries and Stores

In this podcast lawyer Donna Robinson speaks to Chrischona Schmidt and Jane Supit about selling artworks online.