Case Studies

Peter Corlett – Copyright, Moral rights, and sculpture commissions

Dame Edna sculpture by Peter Corlett

Through its document review service, Arts Law assisted sculptor Peter Corlett in relation to his agreement with Variety Children’s Charity.

Peter was commissioned by Variety to create sculptures of famous 20th century entertainers for the “Walk of Fame” public art program located at Waterfront City at Docklands, Melbourne. As part of the commission Variety provided the names of the 20th Century entertainers Peter would be depicting in his sculptures. One of these entertainers was Barry Humphries iconic character Dame Edna.

Following completion of the sculpture, Variety informed Peter that Barry Humphries wanted creative input in the work which raised some difficulties. Arts Law advised Peter on his moral rights, his rights under the commission agreement with Variety, and Barry Humphries copyright in the character Dame Edna.