Standing Together for Stand-Alone Legislation

IP Australia have released the final report of the Scoping Study on Stand-Alone Legislation for Indigenous Knowledge; to which Arts Law, Copyright Agency and Indigenous Art Code wrote a submission late last year.

Fake Art Harms Culture: our latest submission

Earlier this month, Arts Law, the Copyright Agency and the Indigenous Art Code submitted a second joint submission to the Productivity Commission’s study into the market for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts as part of the Fake Art Harms Culture campaign. The joint submission, which is yet to be published, responds to … Continued

Significant new government report confirms that Fake Art Harms Culture

“Inauthentic arts and crafts … disrespect and misrepresent culture and, by misleading consumers and denting confidence in the market, they deprive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists of income.” This is one of the major findings from a new draft report by the Productivity Commission on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts.   … Continued