Looking at Our Impact – how Arts Law makes a difference

We’ve been thinking about how our work impacts the people that we support. Arts Law is a “for purpose” organisation. That means that making a difference is what we are here to do, and measuring that difference is a key part of knowing we’re “doing it right”. It’s not just about measuring service delivery stats, … Continued

Help support Australia’s artists this EOFY

Arts Law believes that all artists should have access to justice. Our goal is to improve the rights of artists and build value and respect for arts and culture. Help us empower artists to know their rights, build sustainable arts practices and make the world a better place for all of us.  If you love … Continued

Using plants and animals in your artwork? You might need a permit

If you’re an artist that uses natural plant or animal materials in your work, did you know that depending on where you found it, you might need a licence or permit to do so? This is a particularly important issue for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists who often use native seeds, feathers, skins, bones, … Continued

Welcome Jo-Anne Driessens.

Arts Law would like to welcome Jo-Anne Driessens to the team as our new Artists in the Black Coordinator. Jo-Anne was raised in Brisbane, Queensland and has been a practicing photographer for 25 years. Completing a 4 year Photography cadetship at the State Library of Queensland in 1999, Jo-Anne has also worked across various arts … Continued

Art Farm Birchs Bay Annual Sculpture Prize 2022

This month, Arts Law has reviewed the terms and conditions of the Art Farm Birchs Bay Annual Sculpture Prize in Tasmania. Read the terms and conditions of this competition here. The deadline for this competition is 15 August 2022.   What is the rating?  Arts Law has awarded the competition 5 stars out of 5. Read on … Continued

Arts Law comes to South Australia

Senior Solicitor Roxanne Lorenz, has just returned from a whirlwind trip to South Australia.   Shortly after arriving in Adelaide, Roxanne delivered a workshop as part of JamFactory’s Associate Program. The program creates professional development opportunities for artists and makers to help them build thriving arts careers. Roxanne spoke about issues such as trade marks, design … Continued

Welcome Rob Bitmead

Arts Law are pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Bitmead as our first WA-based Solicitor. Rob will be based in Perth and traveling throughout the state to deliver outreach, education and our Artists in the Black wills project. Rob has a law degree from Murdoch University, WA and holds a Masters degree in International … Continued

Advocacy at Arts Law – how we help protect your rights

Arts Law is a trusted advocate for artists’ rights and we recommend changes to the law to benefit the arts sector. Our goal is to improve the rights of artists and their access to justice. We also aim to ensure recognition and better protection and respect for Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). As Australia’s … Continued

Commission VS Licence. Arts Law can help you do both.

Does someone want to commission your work? Do you need a licence and how are they different? Arts Law has published a new contract template for artists who are being commissioned to create an artwork, and the commissioner wants to reproduce and communicate the artwork. This can apply to digital or physical works. The commissioner … Continued

PRIZE REVIEW: The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award 2022

This month, Arts Law has reviewed the terms and conditions of the Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award 2022. Read the terms and conditions of this competition here.   Arts Law contacted Allen & Unwin with recommendations to make the terms and conditions of this award more artist friendly. Unfortunately, the organisers did not wish to discuss their terms with … Continued