What new defamation ruling means for your social media

What does the recent ‘Voller’ defamation case mean for your social media pages?  A recent decision in the High Court has clear implications for social media users and organisations who run social media pages.  Dylan Voller became known to the public after he and others were mistreated in a youth detention facility in the Northern Territory. The mistreatment was documented in … Continued

SUBMISSION: Strengthening Australia’s Cyber Security Regulations and Incentives

Arts Law has made a submission to the Cyber, Digital and Technology Division of the Department of Home Affairs, who are currently investigating ways to strengthen Australia’s cyber security regulations and incentives to make Australia’s digital economy more resilient to cyber security threats. This work forms part of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020. Arts Law’s submission raises issues around … Continued

New photographer, designer and performer contract templates

Are you a designer, photographer or performer who wants to understand more about how your relationship with clients or commissioners works? We have a range of new contract templates that can help protect your rights when working with others. We also have a new collaboration agreement that is useful for any artist or organisation looking … Continued

New additions to the Arts Law team

Please join us in welcoming three new members of the Arts Law Team. Mary Ventura has joined us in the new role of Communications Officer.  She has been busy working on making engaging content for our social media channels, our website and e-newsletter art+LAW. A student at UNSW Art & Design, Mary is currently undertaking … Continued

SUBMISSION: Digital Platforms Services Inquiry – Report on General Online Retail Marketplaces

Arts Law has made a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), who are currently examining general online retail marketplaces (such as eBay Australia, Amazon Australia,, and Kogan’) as part of their ongoing five-year inquiry into digital platform services. In Arts Law’s submission, we raised the following issues which we are aware impact … Continued

COVID-19 Resources and Support for 2021

I Lost My Gig Australia estimates that 23,000 gigs have been cancelled in Australia since 1 July 2021 leading to a combined loss of income of over $63 million. Only 7% of artists and arts organisations are operating at pre-pandemic levels. These startling statistics outline the impact that the latest round of lockdowns has had … Continued

Buy 3 Get 20% Off Contract Templates

We conducted a survey earlier this year to find out what you wanted to see more of in art+LAW and many of you told us you want more contract templates. You’ll see that this month we’ve featured four of our most popular templates. To set you up with all the contract templates you may need … Continued

Artists are winners thanks to Arts Law prize reviews

Arts Law is committed to advocating for artists’ rights, part of this work involved reviewing the terms and conditions of art competitions and prizes and giving them a rating out of five. Many artists rely on prizes and competitions to raise their professional profiles in addition to the cash prizes and other opportunities that come … Continued


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