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Film competitions

Entering a film competition creates a binding contract between the film maker and the competition organiser and it is important to understand the competition’s terms and conditions.

Telling people’s stories on film

Film makers sometimes choose to base their stories on real events and real people. Documentaries are one example of film makers telling the stories of real people.

Film Location Releases

If you are filming on private property or in a public space (such as a park or council land), you may need a film location release. This information sheet when and why a film location release is important. Information is also provided on which parties should be contacted to obtain…

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Film Cast & Crew Agreement (with deferred fees)

This sample CAST & CREW AGREEMENT (WITH DEFERRED FEES) should be used when a producer (Producer) is engaging cast or crew members (Contractor), as independent contractors rather than employees, for the production of a very low (or no) budget film or video. It is for the situation where the producer…

Copyright Licence for Collecting Institutions

This sample Copyright Licence for Collecting Institutions agreement should be used when a museum or other institution holding a collection of artefacts or artworks, including cinematographic or multimedia works or works of artistic craftsmanship or other copyright materials, wishes to make and publish a digital copy of a work for…

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Short film competitions: Producer’s guide

This checklist outlines the main legal issues a short filmmaker or producer should consider when making their short film. It is recommended for use by short filmmakers who are entering their films into a short film competition.

Sponsorship agreements guide

Corporate sponsorship is assuming an increasingly important role in the arts. This guide outlines the different forms of sponsorship that an artist or arts organisation may need to seek from a commercial organisation and what should be included in a sponsorship agreement.

Business partnership checklist

This resource includes information on partnerships, including key issues to be considered within a partnership agreement, and a checklist for business partnerships.

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Defending Your Film Online
30th September 2009

James Heller discusses digital fingerprinting and gives some quick tips for protecting your film on the internet

Update: Copyright interest for film directors
31st December 2006

Erin Mackay explains the scope of a director's copyright interest now that the Copyright Amendment (Film Directors' Rights) Act 2005 (Cth) has come into effect.

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Artists Rights Profiles Video Series

Arts Law helps all sorts of artists at every stage of their careers. Here, artist Alexia Sinclair, writer Robert Drewe and The Lovely Days give an insight into the importance of knowing your rights and getting all the legal stuff sorted.

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The Arts Insurance Handbook (3rd edition)

A user-friendly guide to the insurance world for artists and non-profit arts organisations. It outlines the various types of insurance cover available and offers tips on what to look out for when buying insurance, reducing insurance costs, public liability and insurance for volunteers, where to shop for insurance and how…

Business Structures and Governance: A Practical Guide for the Arts

The Arts Law Centre of Australia (Arts Law) has substantially subsidised this publication for artists, now only $5.00 A practical guide for artists and arts organisations, this book provides a user-friendly guide to the different business structures and governance for arts organisations.