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Bespoke Agreement

This is an entry to sell a bespoke agreement. This is only to be used for manual entry by Arts Law staff.

Book to Stage Option and Purchase Agreement

An agreement for adapting a book for use in a stage performance. Under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), the author of a literary or dramatic work (such as a book) has the right to control reproduction, adaptation and publication of the work. This means that producers that want to adapt…

Collaboration Agreement: Project Facilitator Agreement (Artists in the Black)

Collaborative Indigenous art projects often involve a large number of people working with artists in different roles. It’s important that there is a contract in place with anyone who is working externally to the art centre or organization with overall responsibility for the project. This sample agreement can be

Collaboration Agreement: Visiting Artist (Artists in the Black)

This sample Collaboration Agreement –Visiting Artist should be used when an Indigenous community art centre invites an external non-Indigenous artist to the arts centre to work collaboratively with the art centre’s artists (Local artists) to create a body of work. The existing skills and artistic practices of the visiting

Collaboration Agreement: Volunteer Agreement (Artists in the Black)

Volunteers play an important role in nearly every collaborative art project whether making films, organising festivals or putting on a major exhibition. A written agreement is important to ensure the volunteer understands his or her responsibilities and the policies and protocols that must be respected. This is particularly important if…

Commissioning Agreement: Private or Commercial Visual Artwork

This sample Commissioning Agreement: Private or Commercial Visual Artwork should be used when a visual artist is commissioned to design and create an artwork for private or commercial purposes. If the artwork is a public work, Arts Law’s Commissioning Agreement: Public Visual Artwork is more appropriate. Similarly, the Commissioning

Commissioning Agreement: Public Visual Artwork

The Commissioning Agreement: Public Visual Artwork should be used when a visual artist is being commissioned by a public body, such as a local council, to design and create an artwork which will be publicly situated. It may also be useful where the artwork is not commissioned by a public…

Confidentiality Deed

This sample agreement is included in the information sheet Confidential information – protecting your ideas which explains how to protect ideas and outline the law of confidentiality. You may download an editable copy for FREE.

Contractor Performers Agreement

This sample agreement should be used when a performer is being contracted by someone else to perform in a production. If the performer is being engaged as an employee rather than a contractor, Arts Law's Employment Agreement for Performers is more appropriate. Clauses in Contract

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