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Trade marks

An explanation of who can apply for a trade mark, how to register a trade mark, and what can be registered as a trade mark. An overview of the registration process, reasons why a application may be refused and preventing others to use your trade mark.

Business Structures for Filmmakers

Filmmaking can be undertaken by one person, or a small group, or with an extensive cast and production and post-production crew managed by a number of ‘producers’ with different job descriptions and titles. The choice of a business structure will be influenced by the complexity of the production and the…

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Debt recovery - Letter of Demand

If you are owed money and it hasn't been paid, the first step is to send a letter of demand. This is a template which you can adapt. It is free for Arts Law for subscribers.

Artist in Residence Agreement

This sample Artist in Residence Agreement should be used where an artist/writer/craftsperson has been granted permission to use a studio or other type of residency accommodation, whether live-in or not, and often pursuant to a funding grant. The artist is primarily left to his/her own means and

Artist and Gallery Agency Agreement

This sample Artist/Gallery Agency Agreement can be used when an artist wishes to enter into a long term relationship with a gallery where the Gallery acts as an agent for the exhibition, sale or promotion of the Artist’s artwork. The Artist must determine the extent to which the

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What’s in a name?
30th September 2005

In this article Gibson Owen and Troy McGregor provide an introduction to the protection of names through the use of trade marks.

A Quick Introduction to Trademarks
11th July 2011

The Arts Law Centre of Australia recently secured the registration of its trade marks, namely 'ARTS LAW CENTRE OF AUSTRALIA', 'ART + LAW' and 'ART + LAW' together with its logo. This article highlights the importance of securing protection of brands for any business and outlines the process of registering…

Caveat: Cybersquatting
31st March 2001

As an artist your name and reputation are essential to the promotion of you and your artwork, and it is therefore essential that you are aware of the use of domain names and the issue of cybersquatting.

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Trade marks: A band needs to protect their reputation

For any band, reputation is a crucial element. When another band uses a name that is the same or sounds similar to theirs, this can raise some reputational concerns. Arts Law was recently approached by a well established band that had this exact issue.

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Earning a Living in the Visual Arts and Crafts (3rd edition)

This must read for everyone involved in the visual arts and crafts includes new chapters on sponsorship, working from home, hobbyist vs professional and the role of design in serial production, while information on income tax, copyright, finance, marketing, selling, pricing and costing have been updated and expanded.