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Moral rights

Moral rights protect the personal relationship between a creator and their work even if the creator no longer owns the work, or the copyright in the work. Moral rights concern the creator’s right to be properly attributed or credited, and the protection of their work from derogatory treatment.


Copyright provides a way for artists to protect and monetise their creativity. Knowing how to license copyright and earn a royalty gives artists a way to make money from their work. This information sheet will introduce you to some of the copyright basics.

Performers’ rights

Actors, circus performers, musicians, dancers and other live performers may have performers’ rights in their performances, read on to learn more about these rights.

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Direct Licensing Guidelines (Public Performance and Transmission Rights)

Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) is a collecting society that grants certain licences relating to sound recordings and music videos. As of 19 April 2008 all PPCA licensors must have direct licensing guidelines in place. These sample Direct Licensing Guidelines have been developed to assist small record companies and…

Copyright Licence for Collecting Institutions

This sample Copyright Licence for Collecting Institutions agreement should be used when a museum or other institution holding a collection of artefacts or artworks, including cinematographic or multimedia works or works of artistic craftsmanship or other copyright materials, wishes to make and publish a digital copy of a work for…

General Copyright Licensing Agreement for Podcast

This sample copyright licensing agreement should be used when a person wishes to use artwork, photographs, dramatic works or literary works in a podcast. The copyright owner can grant the other person a licence to use the copyright protected work in specific ways. This sample agreement is a generic agreement…

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Displaying visual art on the internet

The purpose of these guidelines is to codify the best practice for the reproduction and communication of visual art via digital distribution methods in Australia, whether such reproduction or communication is for commercial purposes or otherwise.

Short film competitions: Producer’s guide

This checklist outlines the main legal issues a short filmmaker or producer should consider when making their short film. It is recommended for use by short filmmakers who are entering their films into a short film competition.

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Earning a Living in the Visual Arts and Crafts (3rd edition)

This must read for everyone involved in the visual arts and crafts includes new chapters on sponsorship, working from home, hobbyist vs professional and the role of design in serial production, while information on income tax, copyright, finance, marketing, selling, pricing and costing have been updated and expanded.