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Employment Issues (NSW)

This information sheet provides information about employment law in NSW for employees, contractors and volunteers, including employers’ legal obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

Creative enterprise hubs in NSW: Employment issues

Creative Enterprise Hubs are a way forcouncils, communities and local businesses to nurture creative, artistic and cultural projects and enterprises by giving them short term access to unused or abandoned spaces. This brings life and energy back to the area with resulting benefits to local business and residents. Both the…

Children in the creative process (SA)

When artists work with children, whether as part of a community project or an educational workshop, or where children are actors, performers or models, specific legal obligations and duties arise. This information sheet outlines the legal issues artists or arts organisations in South Australia should consider when they contemplate working…

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Employment Agreement for Indigenous Art Centre Assistant (Artists in the Black)

This sample Indigenous Art Centre Employment Agreement should be used when an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Art Centre employs a person in the role of art centre assistant. The agreement includes the most common terms which the art centre (or organisation operating the art centre) and the employee assistant…

Employment Agreement for Performers

When a performer is employed on a full-time or part-time basis to perform in a dramatic or theatrical production, this sample Employment Agreement can be used. It could also be adapted for employment in other arts sectors but is not suitable for independent contractors. If the performer is being engaged…

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19th July 2016

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Donate to Arts Law
19th July 2016

Donating to Arts Law provides artists all across Australia with easily accessible and affordable legal support and guidance so they can keep making the work we love.

Tax for artists: Tips for a stress free tax return
25th June 2013

The end of the financial year generally sends people into a panic attack which makes them put off looking at their financial affairs for the past year. However, lodging a tax return can be a great way of getting money back as an artist, particularly if you work for yourself.…

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Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route Case Study Videos

Curtis Taylor and Monique La Fontaine from FORM's Canning Stock Route Project talk about the development of the collection, which forms the basis of the exhibition Yiwarra Kuju: the Canning Stock Route, which includes around 130 artworks, involving 110 Aboriginal artists and contributors from 10 art and culture centres across…

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UMI Arts: Creating Fair Employment Agreements

UMI Arts is the peak Indigenous arts and cultural organisation for Far North Queensland. It is a not-for-profit company based in Cairns and managed by an all-Indigenous Board of Directors. In January 2012, it approached Artists in the Black (AITB) for support with reviewing its employment agreements.

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Earning a Living in the Visual Arts and Crafts (3rd edition)

This must read for everyone involved in the visual arts and crafts includes new chapters on sponsorship, working from home, hobbyist vs professional and the role of design in serial production, while information on income tax, copyright, finance, marketing, selling, pricing and costing have been updated and expanded.