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Liability and insurance

Accidents can happen when you operate a business or conduct your creative activity. It is important you understand your ‘liability’ or legal responsibility to compensate for damage or injury to people and property. This information sheet explains liability, risk management and insurance.

Disclaimers, exclusion clauses and risk warnings

This information explains the difference between a disclaimer and an exclusion clause in a contract and the circumstances when a risk warning should be used. It explains when you should use them, what they mean and the effectiveness of such clauses or statements in limit liability for injury, loss or…

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Cultural Tour Release (Artists in the Black)

Indigenous tourism operators or community art centres which conduct cultural tours for visitors should use this cultural tour release to minimise the risk of legal claims by participants who are injured or fall ill on the tour. This sample Cultural Tour Release requires the participants to acknowledge that there are…

Film Cast & Crew Agreement (with deferred fees)

This sample CAST & CREW AGREEMENT (WITH DEFERRED FEES) should be used when a producer (Producer) is engaging cast or crew members (Contractor), as independent contractors rather than employees, for the production of a very low (or no) budget film or video. It is for the situation where the producer…

Artwork Consignment for Sale Agreement

This sample Artwork Consignment for Sale Agreement should be used when an artist allows a gallery to exhibit and sell works for a set period, in exchange for which the gallery deducts a commission on works sold and returns those that are not sold at the end of the consignment…

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Organising a festival checklist

This checklist provides an overview of some of the most important issues you will need to consider when organising a festival. It can be used as the basis for putting together a business plan or your own checklist to be used when putting together the festival.

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Civil liability reform: what’s going on?
31st March 2003

Across Australia there has been much community concern about civil liability claims and the difficulties in obtaining affordable public liability insurance. In response to this concern, State Governments have passed or proposed legislation designed to limit liability and improve affordability and availability of public liability insurance.

Liability Insurance: know the basics!
31st December 2002

There are some simple steps that can be taken by you to help ensure that you obtain proper cover and that you are not disqualifying yourself from cover because of your subsequent conduct.

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Things you need to know when organising a festival.

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Donny Woolagoodja

Worora man Donny Woolagoodja is a renowned artist whose giant Wandjina artwork featured at the opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. He asked Artists in the Black to help him prepare a document which would protect him from being held responsible if participants on his tours were injured…

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The Arts Insurance Handbook (3rd edition)

A user-friendly guide to the insurance world for artists and non-profit arts organisations. It outlines the various types of insurance cover available and offers tips on what to look out for when buying insurance, reducing insurance costs, public liability and insurance for volunteers, where to shop for insurance and how…