Contracts in 10 Questions

1.   What is a contract? A contract is a legally enforceable understanding or exchange of promises between two or more people or legal entities. A contract will usually refer to these people or entities as “parties”. Regardless of whether a contract is in writing, verbal or implied by your actions, a contract requires four essential … Continued

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Copyright

It is becoming more and more common for artists, musicians and other creators to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their creative work. This information sheet explains the common copyright issues involved with doing so. It will cover clearing copyright in material used by AI, copyright ownership in material produced by AI, and the legal uncertainties … Continued

Signing Legal Documents

This information sheet explains how to sign agreements like contracts and deeds in a way that ensures they are legally binding.

Street Art

The term ‘public art’ can cover a range of artworks across any number of different mediums. Such works can vary in scale, degree of permanency and how they fit in with their surroundings. This information sheet is about the legal issues that can arise in relation to permanent or temporary artistic works, in or visible … Continued

Artwork made using Animal and Plant Material – Northern Territory

For many artists, plant and animal material is a central part of the artworks that they create. This can raise unique legal issues, as certain plants and animals are subject to strict laws in Australia. This is a particularly important issue for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists who often use native seeds, feathers, skins, … Continued

Insurance claims in the aftermath of floods

It is important to understand how flood and other water-related events may be covered under your insurance policy. Insurance policies are full of custom-made terms and definitions which may differ between every insurer.  Standard definition of flood in Australia  Flood is defined in the law as: “The covering of normally dry land by water that … Continued

Non-fungible Token (NFT)

Introduction  This information sheet explains what Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are and how they are commonly used. It will cover some basic technological concepts involved with NFTs, including “blockchain”, “smart contracts”, “minting”, and “cryptocurrencies.” It will also cover legal issues to be aware of when dealing with NFTs.   NFTs: the basics  What is an NFT?  An … Continued

Fashion and textiles – for artists and designers

This information sheet covers the laws available to protect the interests of artists and designers (Creators) who are looking to commercialise their creative work in the fashion and textile industries. Intellectual property laws such as copyright, designs and trade mark laws  protect the interests of such Creators. What sort of protection applies depends on the … Continued

Business Structures

1. Why are business structures important?  Whether you are an artist, (eg. painter, actor, musician, director) or an arts organisation, in today’s world you are also in business – at least if you want to make a living out of your art or survive as an organisation. This information sheet explains the difference between incorporated and unincorporated groups … Continued

Debt Recovery – Small Claims

This information sheet provides an introduction into about how one can chase outstanding payment. It provides clarification on the small claims procedure in each state or territory.

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