NAIDOC Week 2024 is here!

2024 National NAIDOC Week Poster, featuring Urapun Muy by Deb Belyea, downloaded from the NAIDOC website
2024 National NAIDOC Week Poster, featuring Urapun Muy by Deb Belyea, downloaded from the NAIDOC website

NAIDOC Week is an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It is a time for all Australians to dive into the incredible cultures and histories of First Nations Peoples across the country and join in on the festivities happening nationwide.  

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, NAIDOC Week is a chance to share their heritage, celebrate their achievements, and take pride in their contributions to Australia. Held every year in July, it is all about celebrating culture, educating ourselves, engaging in truth telling and recognising Blak excellence within our communities. Expect to see interesting panels, language classes, art exhibitions, fashion shows, performances and food throughout the week.  To find out what is happening in your local community check out the NAIDOC Week local event page.  

NAIDOC Week is an important time for artists and creative industries to showcase talent and celebrate how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ art and culture have enriched Australia’s cultural landscape. It is also an opportunity to empower economic prosperity through art events, commissions, and sales – of artworks, albums, tickets, fashion and more. Most importantly, it encourages the creative industry to continue championing cultural rights through truth-telling, engaging in meaningful partnerships, capacity building, and economic opportunities. 

 Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud is the theme of NAIDOC Week 2024. The fire symbolises the enduring strength and vitality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, passed down through generations despite the challenges faced. ”Blak, Loud and Proud’ encapsulates the unapologetic celebration of identity empowering all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to stand tall in their heritage and assert their place in the modern world.  

Urapun Muy by Deb Belyea, a proud member of the Samuawgadhalgal Cassowary Clan of the Torres Strait and Cape York communities, is the official 2024 NAIDOC Week poster. Urapun Muy, meaning ‘One Fire’ in the Kalaw Kawaw Ya dialect of the Top Western Islands of the Torres Strait, pays homage to the fire that is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ passion for culture.  

In 2024, Arts Law continues to honour this flame through Artists in the Black, our outreach program and advocacy work.  


Artists in the Black (AITB) is a dedicated service offering free legal advice, resources and support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. AITB has been empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and communities for 20 years 

For many years, we have been visiting regional and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia to run workshops for artists, help draft wills and provide one-on-one advice and support. AITB also supports First Nations art centres, language centres and arts organisations with advice and resources on governance, with a view to fostering greater self-determination. In 2023, we delivered over 80 professional development sessions nationally to over 2,300 artists and arts workers, X of these were delivered specifically to First Nations audiences.  

Under the AITB umbrella, the Adopt a Lawyer program fosters long-term relationships between Aboriginal community arts centres and law firms. We partner an art centre with an experienced law firm who provides free legal advice and support to build art centre staff capacity to service and protect artists.  


Arts Law recognises the importance of respect and self-determination in all efforts to acknowledge, preserve and celebrate Indigenous cultural heritage. Our Fake Art Harms Culture campaign advocates for the introduction of laws to prohibit the sale of inauthentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and crafts. You can read more about the campaign on our website. 

See our website for how you can get involved this NAIDOC Week. 

To see events happening in your area check out NAIDOC Week’s event page and be sure to look at the content and events hosted by NITV and SBS

Arts Law is proud to stand in solidarity with artists from the oldest continuous culture in the world, by amplifying their voices and protecting their contributions from exploitation.  

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