9 July

Torres Strait Workshops for Artists

On the 23rd – 24th  of July the Arts Law Centre will be holding a series of workshops, meetings and information sessions for artists at the Torres Strait Regional Authority.

Topics discussed include: Copyright, Moral Rights, Wills, Contracts and Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property (ICIP).

There is also the opportunity for artists to discuss any issues or problems they may have about their artform, and wills as requested, with Arts Law's Delwyn Everard and Donna Carstens. Please see the flyer for more information.


Feedback to previous similar workshop sessions include: 

“The session on indigenous protocols was highly interesting and reassuring for me. Delwyn Everard is to be congratulated for the lucid explanations, interesting examples and passion she demonstrated in that particular session”.


Dates: 23rd of July 9am – 3pm & 24th of July 10.30am – 12pm

Venue: Torres Strait Regional Authority, Torres Haus, 46 Victoria Parade

RSVP (for Day 1 sessions): Diat Alferink, Torres Strait Arts Development Officer on 40690872 to make a booking with Arts Law Staff