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Copyright provides a way for artists to protect and monetise their creativity. Knowing how to license copyright and earn a royalty gives artists a way to make money from their work. This information sheet will introduce you to some of the copyright basics.

In this information sheet:

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Copyright is an important asset of creators that gives them legal rights and opportunities to generate income irrespective of the ownership of their physical creation, and irrespective even whether that creation still exists. This information sheet provides basic information on copyright, including dealing with copyright.

Copyright is a bundle of economic rights which give their owner the exclusive right to do certain things in relation to the object it protects.

Copyright protection is automatic upon creation of the work. There is no need to register a work in some official register. The symbol © is used for notification purposes, to put people on notice that the work is protected by copyright, but is not required for the protection to exist. Read on for more information and for helpful links to other organisations.

Arts Law has a number of sample copyright licences, as well as an information sheet on ‘Copyright infringement and letter of demand'. 

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