Arts Law and First Languages Australia join forces

Robyn Ayres and Jessica Horn with artist Betty Muffler at Iwantja Art Centre.  © Desart Photo by Jasper Coleman 2019.

Arts Law and First Languages Australia have joined forces to give Language Centres and programs access our Artist in The Black service through 2020 and 2021.

First Languages Australia was founded in 2013 to support a future where Aboriginal language communities and Torres Strait Islander language communities have full command of their languages and can use them as much as they wish to.  First Languages Australia works to support Language Centres around the country to achieve this goal.

Arts Law exists to strengthen respect and value for arts and culture. This partnership allows us to further our purpose.  Language is intrinsically linked to culture. It is the way that stories are shared, knowledge is understood and people maintain connection with one another.  

This new collaboration between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, Arts Law and First Languages Australia will provide language centres with a subscription to Arts Law including access to resources such as contract templates, professional development opportunities, telephone legal advice, our document review service and referrals.

The investment means all language centres will have to access essential legal advice relating to governance, copyright and moral rights issues, contracts, employment and licencing.

We have also developed an information sheet for Language Centres that covers some of the important legal issues they may face.

Arts Law is excited to be working with First Languages Australia to make sure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages thrive in the 21st century and beyond.